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Fruits purees and juice concentrates

Fruit purees and juice concentrates

Fruit purees are used for producing fruit and vegetable purees, baby food, juices and juice drinks, confectionary ( marshmallow, pastille, fruit jelly), jams, confectionery fillings, sauces and etc.

Fruit puree is an indiscrete pureed mass with well defined flavor. All purees do not contain any GMO. If you make a preliminary order it is possible to add ascorbic acid in the puree for longer shelf life.

Fruit purees are sterilized and packed in aseptic conditions in metal drums 210-250 kg with aseptic bag inside.

Fruit juice concentrates

  • Apple juice concentrate Russia
  • White grape concentrate Iran
  • Apple juice concentrate China

Juice concentrates are used for producing clarified or cloudy, one-fruit or multifruit juices, juice drinks. Also can be used for low-alcohol cocktails, wine and wine drinks.

Juice concentrates of different origin always available for sale from our warehouses in St. Petersburg and Novorossiysk.

Concentrates are made from fresh fruits without any additives and preservatives. This product does not contain GMO.

Juice concentrates are packed in aseptic conditions in metal drums 250-270 kg with aseptic bag inside.

We are ready of offer you a large range of products for food industry: vegetable purees, fruit purees, tomato paste, diced/crushed tomato, dried fruits, nuts, kernels and beans for canning.

If you have any questions or want to make an order our managers will be glad to help you by phone in St-Petersburg:
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