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Tomato paste

Tomato paste

Tomato paste Tomato paste
  • 36-38% brix – Turkey.
  • 36-38% brix – Iran.
  • 36-38% brix – China.
  • 28-30% brix – Turkey.
  • 36-38% brix – Kazakhstan.

Tomato paste is a raw material for producing sauces, ketchups, vegetable canning and vegetable juices.. Min. order quantity is 200-250 kg (weight of one drum).

The product is free from Genetically Modified Organisms.

Tomato pasties packed in metal drum with aseptic bag inside. Drum protects product from mechanic damage during transportation. Tomato paste from all producers does not require special storage conditions and can be stored in open area at -25 to +25 ° С.

If you want to buy tomato paste from different countries of origin you can make a preorder.

Also we can organize a delivery of tomato paste 28-30 % brix from Spain and Turkey, which it traditionally used for producing vegetable juices. You may also be interested in vegetable purees:zucchini puree, pumpkin puree, carrot puree.

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