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ColdBreak и HotBreak. What is the difference between ColdBreak and HotBreak

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The term Hot Break means that the fresh tomato is chopped when heated, at temperatures ranging from 85 to 100°C, while Cold Break means that the fresh tomato is chopped at lower temperatures, ranging from 65 to 75°C. The difference between the two products lies in the apparent viscosity, measured in Bostwick centimeters. The Hot Break product is more viscous and therefore denser, and has an average Bostwick viscosity ranging between 3.5 and 6 centimeters, while the Cold Break product is less viscous, therefore less dense, and normally measures from 9 to 16 Bostwick centimeters in viscosity. The HB product is usually used for ketchup and different sauces requiring a 28-30° Brix, while the CB is mainly used for triple concentrate paste at 36-38° Brix, packaged in 500 or 1000 gr cans for domestic use.

Source: http://www.fencospa.com